“Green River Basin” conference

The “Green River Basin” conference was held at the Environmental Education Centre in Lipie on 26 April 2017 to summarize implementation of two projects: “Protection of Biodiversity and Ecosystems in the Parsęta River Basin through Education of Kids and Youth” and “Improved energy efficiency in public buildings in the area of the Union of Towns and Communes of the Parsęta River Basin and neighbouring townships”.

The conference was attended by representatives of the member townships of the Union of Towns and Communes of the Parsęta River Basin, principals, teachers and students from the 6 Pomorskiej Dywizji Piechoty Primary School in Karlino and the Adam Mickiewicz Primary School in Rąbino.

The outcomes of the implemented projects were discussed during the conference, and Prof. Tomasz Hesse delivered a lecture covering topics closely related to the environmental project, entitled “Biodiversity in the Parsęta River Basin”.

Following this formal introduction, all participants in the conference, both the young people and adults took part in games and plays focused on the topic of “Biodiversity around Us” led by Ms. Anna Frankowska, educator from the Science for the Environment Foundation and Elżbieta Borecka, educator from the EEC in Lipie.

Each of the participants in the conference was given a conference set, a photographic album “Biodiversity around Us” and a good practice guide titled “Live, Learn, Develop – Protect Biodiversity”.